States where PINTS LLC has provided consultation

We have provided support and guidance to brewery and distributor partners across the country to help them improve relationships, open new markets, grow sales or develop a succession plan.  With our intimate knowledge of the wholesale tier we know what is needed to capture share of mind with distributors. There are many behind the scenes details that brewers should know and whether you are large or small we can help navigate this part of your business.  Below are a few testimonials from past clients and industry friends.

Rob Tod, Allagash Brewing Company
(Portland, ME)

"I have known and valued Kimberly’s thoughtful input, analysis and unique perspective about the beer industry for several years.  She has always been very upfront and honest with regards to what is actually happening in our industry.  I was recently reminded again about the value she provides when her skill and judgement were sought to support a body of work our brewery is undertaking.  If you require assistance or a fresh pair of eyes to look at an existing or new project or business, Kimberly will provide the perspective you need to deliver a unique solution.”

Bill Kirk, MKM Partners (Austin, TX)
"Your breadth of knowledge is unbeatable." 

Gabe Jensen, Bosque Brewing Company (Albuquerque, NM)

"Dan and Kimberly have been a tremendous help to us over the years. Not only do they dig deep and cut deep when finding problems and solutions during a project, but they are also always there for us when we need them. When COVID hit, we did not have an ongoing contract with PINTS, but both Dan and Kimberly reached out to us to see how we were doing and if they could help. When you need a tough pair of eyes to help you find opportunities for improvement, they're there. When you just need encouragement, they're there for that too."

Kevin Bartholomew, Ben E. Keith Beverages

(Dallas, TX)

"Very energetic and engaging, they spent the time analyzing all the various aspects of our request, with a fresh set of eyes."

James Bass, Cushnoc Brewing Company (Augusta, ME)

"As an attorney, I’m familiar with contracts and agreements but with the brewery, I didn’t know what’s usually in distro agreements (and whether the size of the brewery impacts the agreement’s terms), what should be in the agreement, or even which provisions were best suited for our business.  PINTS was able to help craft a template and then walk us through it and explain why each provision was included.  I was then able to better negotiate with our distributor based on this template, the back and forth with PINTS, and overall direction you helped set.  I’m very glad we worked with PINTS and I warmly recommend other breweries engage you.  It’ll be to their benefit."

Shawn Morrison, Budweiser Distributing Company
(Amarillo, TX)
"The PINTS team went above and beyond to produce results to hit a deadline that gave us very little time.  They over delivered on every aspect of information that was needed.  Very impressed with their group and would definitely use them in the future."

James Fick, General Distributors, Inc.

(Portland, OR) - Advised on sale of distributorship
"This sale would not have gone well and/or been a disaster without PINTS.  Thank you for your efforts and wisdom in this deal."

Suzy Rizza, KettleHouse Brewing Company (Missoula, MT)

"With some consultants we've worked with, it seems like we end up with more on our to-do list and little direction on how to accomplish the tasks.  Kimberly and Dan are very hands-on and truly become a working part of the team.  Their experience and knowledge is invaluable, and it's delivered with straightforward honesty.  They are incredibly prompt, always delivering what was promised on time.  I highly recommend PINTS LLC."

Paul Meade, CFO Columbia Distributing

(Portland, OR)

"Guiding a second and third generation business through a sale is no easy task, but the PINTS team did just that.  By taking a thoughtful and balanced approach and communicating with the sellers, buyers and professionals in a forthright and proactive manner, the transaction was closed on schedule with virtually no issues.  In short, the PINTS team added tremendous value to all parties involved.

> PINTS communicated throughout the process
> PINTS took a balanced and thoughtful approach
> PINTS managed a family business client with diverse

needs until the end 
> PINTS did not get caught up fighting over pennies and language that just did not matter
> PINTS negotiated top dollar for their client


Brandon Blair, Cirrus Visual Communication (Tucson, AZ)

"The team at PINTS are true industry professionals.  They have tremendous experience in all aspects of the industry, from branding, inventory, distribution, product placement, pricing, sales management and succession planning.  As long time partners with Cirrus Visual, I have never worked with a more client focused, organized and success oriented group than PINTS."

Richard K. Welsh, Alpha Trial Group, LLP

(Los Angeles, CA) (Formerly of McDermott Will & Emery)

“Kimberly is among the best experts with whom I’ve worked with in my 20-year career representing the world’s biggest companies in their high-stakes disputes.  We needed an expert in the beer distribution field to testify in an important dispute in Nevada on behalf of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.  She owned the dispute from onset, immediately adding tremendous value to the trial team by helping us target the right discovery and refine our themes.  She knows the beer industry and its people very well.  She pays careful attention to detail, while staying focused on the important issues.  She knows the industry jargon, but speaks in a plain and likeable manner.  She did a fantastic job as an industry expert for Sierra Nevada and helped position it for a very favorable settlement on the eve of trial.“