Focus on core footprint and be relevant in local market

Do you have a business plan?  We can help you navigate financial needs to get started, develop a plan to market your brewery locally and refine recipes BEFORE opening the doors to ensure that your business makes a great first impression with consumers.

When expanding into new markets pick a window of opportunity and invest resources to get through it

We can help you with due diligence and researching which market(s) are right for your brands, what resources are needed to make it happen and which distribution network fits your culture.

Develop different portfolios for home market vs out of town/state markets.  Create value in why consumers should care about your brands and seek you out among the sea of competitors
We can offer assistance with identifying key areas of opportunity and work with your team to introduce new brands and packages to your network.

Invest in a sales team that can sell the story of the brewery and develop relationships – distributors want brewery reps who they enjoy work with, not a babysitter
We know distributors and can help coach your team to become the best brewery reps in the market to gain share of mind on the streets.

Innovation is good but avoid the pitfall of losing core focus and becoming a niche brewer
 We can help with branding and marketing strategies and work with your street selling team to promote your brands and make sure they are top of mind for thirsty beer drinkers.

How are your beers differentiated from those brewed down the street or those sold in the grocery store?
With over 4,100 breweries in the US, we can help with supply chain management to ensure you have ingredients you need to sustain production, branding to make sure your beers convey the right message and promotional strategies to generate consumer pull.

What does your branding say about your company? Your beer? 

Is there a story behind your beer names/imagery?  We can do the leg work at retail and identify sales trends, complete market research in your distribution footprint and provide insight for distribution targets and gaps, retail shelf placement and promotional activity to share your story with retail decision makers and consumers.

Do you have POS? Why not?
We can provide guidance for Investing in quality POS items that consumers want and retailers want to hang up in their account.  The cost of entry is simple, but there are some unique ways to provide these items and we are just the team to help make this happen.

Are you active on social media telling your story?  What are consumers saying about your brewery/beer?  Do you engage them?
Let us help you and your team develop a strong social media presence and use these platforms to engage with customers, tell your story and bring your brands to life in ways that will generate excitement and result in sales.

The brewer/distributor relationship and how to make it work for both sides

With over 34 years of combined distributor experience we can speak wholesaler.  Let us work with your team and share best practices to ensure that your brands are given the attention they deserve and your field reps are getting share of mind with sales reps as well as management.  We can also help distributors understand how to work with their supplier reps to make the most of the partnership.​

How large retailers are shaping the beer category and influencing consumer purchases
Let us help you identify trends in your marketplace, review pull through sales information from retailers and build your sales pitch.  Additionally we can help you maximize your retail presence on the shelf.

Do you have a strong understanding of liquor laws in your state? What about states you are looking to expand into?

Let us help educate your team on the rules and regulations, especially new markets you are looking to expand to and ensure that your efforts are not delayed due to legal interference.

Where should you invest in marketing that makes the most sense for your brewery?
Are you getting a return on your marketing investment?  Breweries spend valuable resources on marketing efforts and we want to help make sure that your precious dollars are being used in ways that maximize potential and result in providing positive returns for your business.

What other retail options are on the horizon?

The beer business is moving at light speed and it is important to keep an eye on the horizon and be at the forefront of what could be the next big thing.  Lets work together and build creative solutions to stay one step ahead of the competition.

​When is the right time to build excess capacity?

We can help you create a game plan for growth and make sure that your resources are invested in the right areas of the business and the right time for the right reasons.

For years we have provided support and guidance to brewery partners across the country to help them open new markets and grow sales each year.  With our intimate knowledge of the wholesale tier we know what is needed to capture share of mind with distributors.  There are many behind the scenes details that brewers should know and whether you are large or small we can help navigate this part of your business.  Below are a few topics that have been discussed over a pint or two...